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Website Marketing Will Grow Your Business

Rightfoot Marketing was formed by industry experts in the fields of Internet/website marketing and search engine optimization after having spent many years “in the trenches” refining their craft.   We are in a unique position to offer expert advice and guidance when it comes to growing your business using the Internet.

Because we specialize in Internet marketing and do not try to be all things to all people, we can focus on what is most important in our relationship with you…. defining, designing and implementing a plan to improve your visibility, leads and sales by delivering highly qualified from the Internet to your company.

Now, you may say: “Hey, we've got a website that was designed by a professional Internet company so we must be all right.”

Unfortunately, you may be more wrong than you think. After consulting with many, many companies about their websites and listening to their success stories (or lack of success) it became apparent that there was something missing with mostly all of these cases. There was no plan on how they would market their sites to capture the traffic that was out there relating to their product or service. Yet, most all of these customers had their websites developed by professional Internet design companies.

So what is the moral of the story? Don't confuse a company's ability to graphically design and program your site with their ability to properly Market and Promote your site. These are very different disciplines and should be treated as such. Just as the engineer who designs the car would not be expected to put together the marketing plan to sell it, you should think of your website and electronic advertising in the same fashion.

Rightfoot Marketing was created to fill the void and offer Internet marketing and search engine optimization services to customers that want to improve themselves through new media methods.

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