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Our Services

BidRight Pro

Pay Per Click (PPC) and Bid Management Services:

Pay Per Click Optimization and Management involve a variety of tasks and  we will be providing the following services:

  • Keyword Research :
    Our Research Team will find proper keywords for your web site after making in-depth analysis of your site so that you'll not miss out on those priceless "bargain" keywords.
  • Title and Description
    We create and/or maintain your listing titles and descriptions as they help in attracting the customer to click on your url .
  • Keyword Management
    Under keyword management we do the following:
    We monitor your keywords on a regular basis
    We maintain specific positions for your keywords (top spot, top three, top ten…)
    We help you expand your targeted keywords.
  • Bid Management
    Constant monitoring of your bids and eliminate bid gaps
    Constant monitoring of your bids and eliminate new AutoBid gaps
    Set maximum bid parameters to keep bids within your budget.
  • Account Establishment
    We will quickly and efficiently establish an account for you as setting up an account is a notorious and painfull procedure. By having a professional firm handle this process, you'll get the keywords you want in a timely fashion and without any hassle.
  • Account Management
    Once your account is created there is need of proper implementation of pay per click strategy in order to obtain and maintain proper positioning.This is where the whole process will be completed and the desired results can be obtained.

PLEASE NOTE: our service fee is in addition to the fees that would be charged for the placement or bidding on the keyword through the various PPC engines.




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