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Our Services

Keyword Inspector

Initial Consultation:

We begin by analyzing your website to see how well optimized it is to achieve a high position on major search engines. We will also discuss your website objectives as well as the best method in achieving them by thoroughly explaining our services and how they can help you. This helps us understand the unique framework of each business, to determine a strategic plan and start our process.

Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis:

Keyword research consists of at least three major steps:

(a) Discovery - finding as many keywords as possible related to your Website i.e.…the identification of search terms normally people use to find a site of your kind.

(b) ROI analysis - finding the most valuable keywords for your Website. The most generic keywords are the most widely searched, but also the most competitive sometimes-bringing mediocre conversion rates. Generally, phrases that most accurately describe specific qualities of a site yield the highest ROI.

(c) Competitive analysis - analyzing the strength of competitors for potential keywords. Competitive factors include how attentive sites are to optimization issues and the number of relevant inbound links they have received. This phase will give you an overview of the competitive landscape on any given search term.

This analysis will provide you with your competitors' strengths and weaknesses along with ranking and marketing information. We also provide an Initial Positioning Report that specifically looks at where you and your competitors are currently positioned among the major search engines.

This report sets the bar and gives us an opportunity to provide you a “before and after” picture of your progress. After the initial research is complete, the entire findings are sent to the client so that further discussions can be done to arrive at the most feasible search engine-marketing plan. At this stage specific keywords are determined.


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