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Our Services

OptimizeRight ™

Optimize Content Pages:

We begin to work directly with you or your specified website design company to optimize the website internally. Web pages that need to be optimized to serve as Gateway pages are identified. Doorway pages add depth and staying power to your Website. These pages are optimized to work specifically with each separate major search engine targeting specific keywords. This is an integral part of the process for achieving best results. We pay particular attention to your home page and sub pages to ensure that title tags, meta keyword and description tags, alt tags, comment tags, and all the many other important elements are properly used and reachable by search engines. Each of your main keywords are integrated into unique highly-optimized informational pages for use by the major search engines in order to achieve the highest possible ranking.

Updating of Optimized Site:

The technical work being complete, we are ready to deliver the optimized web pages to get them uploaded on to the server. Now the site is ready to be submitted to the search engines.


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